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      Rules of the Forums

      When Will My Forum Post Be Addressed?

      These forums are for questions and answers by either other students or the website administrator and should be answered within 6 hours.

      What if I Feel My Forum Post Was Ignored?

      If you do not receive an answer please email the webmaster directly or use the contact us form.  If you feel as though your question requires privacy, please also contact the webmaster using the contact link instead of posting on the forum. Please refrain from doing any of the following or may result in a ban from using the forums: 1. DO NOT USE ANY PROFANITY. 2. Do not be rude to other users on the forums. 3. Do not speak rudely about any teachers or staff, if there is a concern please send a private email to the webmaster. 4. No discussion that is sexual in nature. 5. No discussion about drinking or going to pubs or bars. 6. These forums are for scholastic concerns or issues about Siam University and its operations only. Thank you for following these simple rules. - admin
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