International Associations of Universities (IAU) 12-16 November 2016

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The International Association of Universities held their general conference this year in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by Siam University, Chulalongkorn University, Asia Institute of Technology, and Surannaree University of Technology under the topic of Higher Education: A Catalyst for Innovative and Sustainable Societies.

Tribute for the late King of Thailand

The first day was held at Siam University for the 82nd Administrative Board meeting of the IAU.  The day began with paying tribute to the late King of Thailand, and then proceeded with business meetings for the future of IAU and Higher Education.

Registration Day 1Welcoming the Administrative Board

Some students from ISMAP and  Asia Exchange worked together to  greet the Executive Board and  welcoming them to Siam University  on the first day of the conference.

Executive Board of the IAUThai Fruit CarvingThai Fruit Carving 2

Through the duration of their stay at our university, the members were treated to some Thai Culture, Thai Food, and Thai Dancing followed by a dinner cruise on the infamous Chao Phraya River.

Closing Banquet at Siam Uni

All of the General Meetings for the conference took place at Chulalongkorn University in downtown Bangkok where ISMAP and Asia Exchange students acted as guides and attended some of the presentations during the week where students were able to meet Presidents and Professors from over 80 countries and begin building their professional networks.  This also included Mr. Tuomas Kauppinen from Asia Exchange attended the conference to further expand the reaches of the student exchange programs.

NetworkingMeeting dayGroup photo on the last day