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Asia Exchange Mission

To provide students with a cutting edge education; and broaden their social awareness.

We, at Siam University, are very proud of our Asia Exchange program. It gives students that take part in this program the valuable opportunity to engage with our faculty and students. As a notable learning organization, Siam University is focused on highly regarded education for its students and faculty, with a prominent emphasis on innovative technology and research, a professional attitude, and superior performance under the requirements of the modern world of work in today’s innovation of globalization and within the ASEAN community. Through collaboration within our vast social networks and industry leaders, Siam University also promotes Asian wisdom and culture.

To endow a clear understanding and acceptance of the broad working environment and provide a definitive grounding of responsibility in the idea of a variety of cultures, ethics, and lifelong learning skills.

Asia Exchange

Vision & Objectives

A Strong Vision of the future and Worthy Objectives, we thereby are able to offer an extremely valuable learning opportunity.

Siam University, maintaining our reputation as one of the leading universities in the ASEAN region, directs focus on the pursuit of relevant knowledge by using ground-breaking research and training methods to create professionals and build associations with local and international leaders in the diverse of globalization of the future world markets.

The Program’s Objectives

  • Graduates are to be skilled professionals with an emphasis on diverse work integration for excellence with modern global perspectives.
  • Empower and prepare students to become significant leaders and operators in international environments.
  • Utilize cutting-edge research and innovative methods to preserve academic advancement and infinite wisdom as an unwavering effort to achieve virtue among the ASEAN community and other world markets.
  • Maintaining Asian ethnics and preservation of individuality among nations along with clear understanding and recognition of its cultural diversity.


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The International Association of Universities held their general conference this year in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by Siam University,
On 21 September 2016, Siam University hosted it’s 6th annual celebration for the United Nations International Day of

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