Campus Features, Facilities, and Services

For 40 years, Siam University has been developing and aiming toward international recognition as one of the leading universities in Asia, and will continue to expand its vision to make Siam one of the world’s foremost educational institutions.  With its mission in mind, Siam University holds to this vision of continuing to offer the quality education that it has been providing since 1965, for Bangkok, for Thailand, and for the planet we share.

The campus of Siam University is located within the southwest boundaries of Bangkok on Petkasem Road, and is approximately 6 kilometers from the main financial district of the city.  Currently, the campus is comprised of 20 main buildings with a total floor area of roughly 140,000 square meters.  In 1999, a new 19-story multipurpose building was built to commemorate the 60th anniversary of His Majesty, King Bhumibol’s ascension to the throne, who graciously gave it the name, “The Royal Majesty Jubilee Building.”  This recently built structure contains over 50,000 square meters of floor space, and consists of classrooms, various laboratories, research centers, and an international conference center with high-tech facilities that are completely wired with a fiber-optic information network.  There is also a mini-hotel in this building complex for use in the International Hotel and Tourism Management Program, as well as a theater and 700 parking spaces.  Beside Building 19 is the Garden of Peace, a relaxing, tree-covered park with food and beverage stands, a large fountain and many places to unwind between classes.

Library Facilities –

The Siam University Central Library contains over 200,000 textbooks, magazines, periodicals, academic journals and technological books, of which many are in English.  The library is conveniently located on the second and third floors of Building 12, and can accommodate approximately 1,000 users at any time in its air-conditioned reading rooms, individual learning rooms and group discussion rooms.  It also features a computer lab with high-speed internet access, an online-database, motion picture DVD’s, as well as other audio/visual materials.  A separate Graduate School Library is located on the 6th floor of Building 19, the Royal Majesty Jubilee Building.

Computer Facilities –

The Siam University Computer Center is operated by Campus Network, and is linked by fiber-optic cables with six other computer centers located in various University buildings.  The high-speed Internet connections work at 4mb per second, and there are over 20,000 Internet user accounts.  Located in Building 15, an Internet center containing over 350 desktop computers with high-speed access to the World Wide Web is available for all students.  In addition, most of the campus buildings and courtyards are covered by wireless Internet access.

The Cultural Center –

Located on the top floor of Building 4 decorated with (thuk song thai) traditional Thai-style rooftop, Siam University’s Cultural-Center houses valuable documents and culture-related artifacts.  The center preserves several traditional artifacts, musical instruments, masks and paintings, restores and then displays them for all to see.  It extends this preservation in sponsoring various exhibitions, printing related documents, and offers Thai-style music and traditional Thai dancing classes that are performed across the city.  The Cultural-Center is open to all students, faculty, staff, and all campus visitors.

Postal Services –

Conveniently located on campus, The Siam University Post Office offers:  general post services, international fax, money orders, parcel-post delivery services, general postal supply sales and mailbox rental.

Commercial Banking Services –

Bangkok Bank, Siam University Branch, offers convenient on-campus financial and banking services, as well as 8 ATMs located across campus for student and staff usage.

Bookshop and Stationary Store –

A University SE-ED Bookstore is located in the center of campus, selling a wide range of books, magazines, textbooks, stationary, gifts and office supplies.

Public Activities and Sports –

Siam University sponsors a variety of public activities such as informative and training seminars, continued education, vocational-skills contests and academic exhibitions.  These functions are used to facilitate exposure bringing into view the knowledge and research results acquired by faculty and students each year under the name “Siam Nitad” (Siam University Exhibition).  The university also sponsors rural development camps that benefit Thailand’s poorer regions, as well as arrange cultural activities to observe important traditional days on the calendar.

Siam University also promotes sports in the interest of better physical fitness, mental well-being, and to convey a sense of school spirit into its students.  The university offers intra-university sports in the form on intramural games and games among faculty members every year, as well as many other organized activities.  Additionally, Siam supports interscholastic games and activities against other schools and participates in the Thailand University League.

English Learning Center –

In 2003, the English Learning Center (E.L.C.) was established to enhance the level of English proficiency among native Thai students before they graduate from Siam University and enter into the working world.  Siam’s president, Ponchai Mongkhonanit, created this directive to promote the university’s standard of excellence and further prepare the student body for international communication in the new millennium.  The E.L.C. staffs qualified native-speakers of English from North America and Europe to instruct conversational English, and teaches levels five and six of the six level English curriculum.