IBBA in International Business Administration

Bachelor’s in International Business Administration

IBBA, the Bachelor’s in International Business Administration prepares you to be a leader in today’s global market. As the world becomes more technology-oriented, and communication between businesses and corporations over great distances gets easier, more local businesses are expanding into the global market.  An international business degree provides individuals seeking a career in business with the knowledge necessary to advance personal and professional goals.  As businesses globalize, the role of qualified business professionals with backgrounds in international business has increased considerably.

Global business is expanding and creating a need for business managers who are knowledgeable in international business.  A quality international business degree can be a facilitator for individuals who are interested in securing a position within the global business market.

This degree provides students with the required skills and knowledge to undertake a career in a multi-national corporation.

After successfully completing an international business program, business majors should be able to secure a number of positions within the business field.  Your specific field may be in accounting, finance, marketing, management, purchasing or production, but no matter what you’re specific focus, you will engage with global and cultural business issues. Common job titles include Import/Export Agent, Translator, Foreign Currency Investment Advisor, Foreign Sales Representative and International Management Consultant.  Frequent employers include banks, import/export corporations, multinational manufacturers, consulting firms, international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), electronics companies and transportation industries like shipping and airlines.

Today, those who wish to find careers with multi-national corporations must prepare themselves to understand how businesses operate across cultures and continents.

Graduates will acquire working knowledge of international banking and monetary procedures, trade laws, regional agreements such as ASEAN and NAFTA and understand parameters concerning international laws and import-export governmental controls.