Masters of Arts in International Business Administration

Siam University IMBA program is conveniently located in the Phasi Charoen district of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand and the heart of the ASEAN regions budding financial, commercial, and technological hub.   The beauty of our IMBA program is that we are directly in the middle of this blossoming progress.  This degree program is meant to help students develop cultural skills, business competencies and other skills as they pertain to the global marketplace. The IMBA programs are becoming more popular as business firms as well as state and federal governments are increasingly seeking employee’s well-versed global trends as they pertain to both financial markets and consumer buying. The curriculum aims to provide students with a foundational knowledge of commerce and offer students a global view as well as an ASEAN perspective of the world’s latest business trends. Some course requirements may include the economics of international trade, international marketing management, international business management and international corporate finance.  Students have the option of specializing in Finance, International Business, Management Information Systems, or Marketing. Careers in this field can lead to jobs with many global companies which compete on international markets, such as airlines and chain restaurants; and many graduates will often establish careers within government agencies, nonprofit organizations and in banking. Graduates may also seek to work within international corporations within the travel and hospitality industry, which are continually dealing with both businesses and consumers around the world.

Theory and Practice
The program is designed to provide a meaningful balance between theoretical and practical learning. A majority of courses apply the case study method, which enables participants to learn by doing and teaching others. Specially designed classes such as the Practical Business Project, also provide students with the opportunity to get involved with real world business problem decision-making and practice writing business cases.